QuickBooks Error 3371, Status Code -11118

I recently installed QuickBooks in my Desktop. After downloading is complete I try to open QuickBooks and I am getting QuickBooks Error 3371, Status Code -11118 showing up on my screen with message ”QuickBooks could not load license data”. How can I resolve it please tell me step by step solution?

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QuickBooks Error 3371, Status Code -11118 it is caused by many reasons some are given below:

  • QuickBooks file is missing or corrupted.
  • Your Window Operating System (OS) is Outdated.
  • When you try to open file without saving it.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3371, Status Code -11118

  • First, you need to ensure your Window Operating System (OS) is updated.
  • You need to navigate to Windows, look if a window is update or not.
  • If it is not updated click on Windows Update.
  • Re-create damaged EntitlementDataStore.ecml file to fix license and registration issues.
  • Fix Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ issues using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Install your QuickBooks again.

If you follow these steps carefully you will be able to resolve QuickBooks Error 3371. However, if you still face any issue you can dial our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-888-551-1563 and get connected with us.

Answered on May 27, 2019.
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